Written guidance regarding COVID-19

Agency Information Posted as of January 4, 2021  

  • MSHA is following the CDC Interim Guidance, which includes guidelines for maintaining 6’ of social distancing;   6 Ft means 6 Ft
  • MSHA is encouraging inspectors to participate in screenings or questionnaires at operations; discuss at check-in for detail on your options with Kent Field office.
  • MSHA employees who are symptomatic or have had a potential exposure are being asked to quarantine at home.  Inquire regarding health status upon arrival
  • CHANGES IN PRODUCTION:  Make sure you alert MSHA about “changes in production”.  Per Vacaville, if you are NOT operating you are required to alert them on the plant location closed or you are not working at, at reduced capacity or have limited crews working.   This allows them to not travel or send an inspector unnecessarily to a closed location or they may send a limited number of inspectors for a routine inspection.
  • When you alert them on your plant status, to reduce unnecessary exposures, request in advance, they only send 1 inspector for a routine inspection.
  • When visitors or contractors come onto your site, make sure you provide them with your company or site COVID 19 safety and health. Sick visitors should be asked to not enter the property or interact with your employees.

For specific issues, questions, or concerns we encourage operators to reach out to our MSHA Resources.  They can provide information once it becomes available.

Thanks to Libby Pritchard for her efforts on Industry Safety and MSHA.

Libby Pritchard
Director, Construction Materials Safety Policy