Climate, Carbon, and Concrete



Pres_Cary_KResiliency is important in many areas of human activity. In the world of structures, for example, disasters such as blasts, tornadoes, and earthquakes can endanger lives and quickly destroy years of work. Structures must therefore be designed with the resiliency necessary to resist extreme loading conditions. Even though these extreme events seldom occur, failure to plan for them can result in structural failure and the loss of life.

Similarly, people and organizations need resiliency to cope with unexpected events. This includes ACI. Covid continues to challenge our ability to remain nimble, efficient, and effective. In short, it continues to challenge our resiliency. In March 2020, the entire world was thrown into chaos by the Covid pandemic. ACI staff and leadership quickly modified plans for our Chicago convention and, in a matter of weeks, successfully transitioned it to a fully virtual event. Since then, we have continued to hope for a return to live conventions and other events, only to have our hopes derailed by Covid. Most recently, the decision was made in early summer to proceed with our Atlanta convention in a hybrid format—optional live or virtual attendance—which would have been our first live convention in 2 years. I was excited about that, as I’m sure many of you were. 

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Pathway to Resilience & Carbon Neutrality Webinar series June 8, 15, 22, 29 | 10:00 - 11:00AM PDT

Pacific Northwest Building Resilience Coalition website that has all of the information including a link to register for all four webinars through our partner organization (Pacific Northwest Economic Region PNWER).  More Info HERE

Portland-Limestone Cement 

WA ACI Chapter Meeting
 ~ Climate, Carbon and Concrete presentation on Portland-Limestone Cements ~ June 2021 
View Jamie Farny's presentation on portland-limestone cement HERE A Climate, Carbon, and Concrete presentation on Portland-Limestone Cements. This presentation explains what portland-limestone cements (PLC) are and how can they help lead to a more sustainable construction. Going beyond PLC's history and uses to new innovations and performance. A significant aspect of PLC is that it lowers concrete carbon emissions by about 10% over more traditional portland cement.   

WA ACI Chapter Meeting ~ Lower Carbon Concrete ~ April 21, 2021

dave_Walsh "Lower Carbon Concrete: Market Drivers and Best Practices"
  Presented by Dave Walsh, AIA, LEED BD+C
  Director of Sustainability, Sellen Construction  

  To view Dave's presentation recording click: HERE
View Dave's presentation in PDF format, click: HERE