About WACA

Founded in 1959, The Washington Aggregates & Concrete Association is a non profit industry trade association representing sand, gravel, quarry rock, cement, ready mix concrete, related businesses and suppliers in Washington State. The Association is dedicated to strengthening our collective industry and to keep it abreast of the changing way we do business.

The Association represents the industry to the State Legislature, to educate and inform them of natural resource and general business issues that provide impacts and opportunities. Strives to work with all related state agencies to promote a positive and cooperative relationship while providing mutual education regarding agency objectives and balancing production, economics and promoting practicable and achievable compliance.

The Association always encourages our member companies to take an active role in and promote environmental leadership and responsible environmental practices, become active within their communities and work cooperatively with neighborhood associations, local governments and our neighbors.

The Association and it's members are extremely proud of the products and services we provide to our communities and to our quality of life in Washington State. Our products of concrete. aggregates and asphalt, have helped to build the foundation of Washington State and will help shape it's future. Our membership is always working toward new environmental, land use and community solutions, to promote a cooperative relationship with the citizens that we serve and the communities that we share.