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High Wall Safety

  In 2020, the PNW experienced a number of high wall incidents. 
  Be aware that the agency prioritizes high wall inspections when visiting a site.
 Recent heavy rains and winter weather will elevate agency concerns and may  undermine high-wall stability 

Safety Training and Awareness Campaigns

Areas of emphasis that you can add to your safety training and awareness campaigns are: 

  • Look closely at their workplace exams and the people who conduct them.  Are they thorough? Are they effective?  Are they task-trained to perform them?  Can they be improved?  Are the documents effective?  
  • Appropriate Task and workplace exam training will ensure that miners recognize and understand hazards and how to control or eliminate them. 
  • Rules to Live by Version 1 & 3 are focused on the MNM industry and are a good resource to focus your safety meetings on.
  • Need assistance and guidance in reviewing your plans? 
      Contact Heather Smith, Educational Field and Small Mine Services. 2018 WACA Safety Award Recipient
      O 541.924.8495 | C 863.447.7727 | E  [email protected]

Workplace Exam Requirements

In Place Now:  Workplace exams PowerPoint 

Download Letter:  Program Policy Letter (PPL)

This Program Policy Letter (PPL) applies to surface and underground metal and nonmetal mine operators, contractors, equipment manufacturers, miners, miners' representatives, and Metal and Nonmetal Mine Safety and Health enforcement personnel.

The purpose of this PPL is to clarify that the examination of working places required under 30 C.F.R. §§ 56/57.18002 includes the requirement that the operator shall examine each working place at least once each shift for conditions which adversely affect safety or health, that the examination must be conducted by a competent person, and that a record of the examination must be maintained and made available for review by the Secretary or his authorized representative.

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