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Webinar - WA-HSEQ SAW/RTW Safety App
Tuesday, March 26, 2019, 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM PDT
Category: WACA Events

Tuesday, March 26, 2019  |  2:30pm


This is an online event.
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It's Launch Time!

On Tuesday, March 26 at 2:30pm join the Safety Committee for the official launch via Go To Meeting to introduce the new WACA HSEQ SAW /RTW Safety App. (WACA HSEQ -Health, Safety, and Environment & Quality)

The introduction and overview will last approx. 45 minutes and will cover the highlights of the app, access and use of this new WACA safety tool.  The Safety committee has customized a number of specific safety features making this safety app unique to our industry and is formatted the way our safety managers manage their data and reporting for internal, RETRO & MSHA communications.

Who Should Attend

  • Safety Committee members, Safety and site managers, persons responsible for managing light duty training and tasks, RETRO coordinators, HR and lead employees with multi-lingual skills.
  • Please invite any of your Statewide, Regional or National Safety mangers, HR or others that have a direct interest in safety, RETRO worker comp claims management and MSHA.

What's In It For You

  • You get a FREE excellent tool for Light Duty, SAW & RTW employees that will help you engage employees in work place safety, increase real time observational and safety communications and help your ESL employees become more engaged in your safety wok place practices. 
  • The tool is designed to help reduce incidents, increase safety awareness in the work place and contribute to expanding your overall safety culture through all your employees. 
  • Employers can also build and customize the app to meet how they implement their safety plans and reporting.  

WACA HSEQ Training, Device Support, & Worker Comp Claim Management

  • The app is supported by the SHIP grant and SAW/RTW programs and helps you access SAW / RTW employer assistance funding and support to keep injured workers working.  Good for your employees and good for you to help manage your experience ratings.
  • Can provide you free or reduced training costs for employees and safety managers on how to use the app.  
  • Provide funding assistance to obtain devices (tablets etc.) for your employees to use when using the app in the light duty functions.

Test Drive The App, Download For Free

  • The app is now free of charge for WACA members, all of your facilities across North America and employers everywhere.   
  • WACA HSEQ provides options to select or add languages in your workplace, add pictures and other aids to promote SAW/RTW activities for employees of all languages and English reading levels to allow workers to be productive and remain working.  

Search for WACA HSEQ:

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Mellora AS / Norway

Employers, physicians and Lni specialists know
The ability for Stay at Work/Return to Work programs to be successful quickly is one of the most critical factors in an employee’s rapid recovery. Most injured workers have the capacity to Stay at Work/Return to Work when given appropriate low physically demanding tasks. WACA HSEQ will provide employers with an easy to use tool allowing all recovering employees to complete employer required safety tasks in a light manner, in a language employees can use while improving safety for everyone.

The potential for partial wage and equipment reimbursement make this an easy safety management decision.



The WACA Safety Committee and Board of Directors  would like to thank the dedicated efforts and expertise of our development partners; John W. Shervey of John Shevey & Associates, Inc.  and Mellora of Norway AS; a leading international app developer for the creation of real time safety tools for Near miss reporting, safety inspections and observations for both safety and time management.

WACA HSEQ was specifically developed for our industry to meet the needs of light duty, return to work and stay at work worker comp strategies, WACA HSEQ (Health, Safety, and Environment & Quality) and was developed to assist employers to expand safety communication in a growing multi lingual workplace. WACA HSEQ provides Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work Opportunities for Injured Workers in Mining and Related Industries. Multi-Lingual communications and Non-Reader Options of this app will Create a pathway for Light Duty Opportunities Allowing Employees with restrictive activities to Perform and contribute Meaningful Work during their Recovery Especially in the First Several Weeks.